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Welcome to P.K.W. Associates, an IT consulting company with an eye on your future.
You’re a talented professional navigating the complex, fast-changing Information Technology world. We’re a company that constantly seeks the best and brightest in IT talent so we can provide our clients with the results they have come to expect from us.

When you join P.K.W. Associates, you’ll not only enjoy excellent benefits (such as fully paid individual medical coverage), you’ll be part of a company large enough to offer a wide range of assignments and career growth—yet small enough to know you as a person and as a vital part of our team.

We invite you to explore our current opportunities and see if there is an opening that may be a fit for you. We’re always offering new and interesting opportunities for the exceptional IT professional who wants to join an exceptional company.

Benefits of Working with P.K.W. Associates

Flexible Options
As a P.K.W. consultant, we have the flexibility to offer multiple approaches to bringing you on board with a client, including:
• Fully benefited FTE (full-time employee)
• Assignment-based (W2)
• Corp-to-Corp
Success Is a Two-Way Street.
Because we succeed when you succeed, we match you to challenging assignments that are relevant to your career goals, knowing you’ll be more effective if you are happy with your assignment. Knowing our clients as well as we do gives us the ability to effectively match our consultants with the right projects.
We Support You Every Step of the Way.
Our dedicated, experienced management team supports you every step of the way. We regularly keep in touch with you, proactively addressing any concerns through our Consultant Care Program. From our pre-employment screening process, to mentoring you through the client interview process, we are 100 percent dedicated to your success.
We Keep an Eye on Your Future.
With P.K.W., you’ll benefit from ongoing educational and development opportunities to increase your professional value. We offer you the best of both worlds: the opportunity to excel in a variety of environments while working for one employer—with the flexibility to transition to permanent status with the client.
Even though typical assignments are long-term, we are always looking ahead for where to place you next, based on your skills and personal interests.
Consultant Care Program
As a P.K.W. consultant, once you are assigned to a client, our “Consultant Care Program” begins. We developed this comprehensive program to ensure our consultants are productive and continue to meet all client expectations. The program also ensures that our consultants’ career objectives are being met and they are happy with the work environment and the assignment.
At the heart of the program is a channel of open communication between our consultants, client management and the P.K.W. Human Resources Department. A regular and consistent flow of communication and touch points in the form of discussions, emails, status reports and performance reviews helps ensure everything is going smoothly.
The program also uses a detailed questionnaire that helps provide a quick and effective means of identifying potential problems and a head start in addressing them.



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