The PKW Process
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The P.K.W. Process

Our Process Is What Sets Us Apart.

Many firms deliver professional IT consulting services and staff augmentation. But what really sets P.K.W. Associates apart is the process we use to bring the candidate to the customer and to deliver superior customer care once they are on board.

From identifying the client, getting and refining the requirement, and recruiting, to actually presenting the candidate, acceptance, and following up to make sure the relationship is a fit for everyone involved; we diligently follow every step of the process to create success.

1. Identification and Sourcing

  • P.K.W. Associates receives a client opportunity.
  • Gathers comprehensive details for the client requirements.
  • Recruiter identifies suitable candidates (via internal sourcing or external search) and initiates the qualification process.

2. Qualifying and Submitting

  • Pre-screens/qualifies the candidates via technical and non-technical interviews, gathering writing samples, etc.
  • Checks references and resolves any salary/benefit issues.
  • Secures signed contingent offer/authorization letter from candidate.
  • Submits suitable candidate resume to the client.

3. Candidate Coaching and Interview

  • Prepares the candidate prior to the interview.
  • Mentors the candidate through the entire interview process.
  • Coordinates/facilitates candidate interview - phone and/or face-to-face.
  • Meets candidate at Client Site for face-to-face interview.
  • Maintains contact with candidate through client interview process and final closure of position.

4. Formal Offer and Placement

  • Once accepted by the client, we extend a formal offer to the candidate.
  • After acceptance and placement, we conduct a complete P.K.W. orientation, reviewing P.K.W.’s written code of conduct and other documents.

5. Infrastructure and Administration

  • Prepares all necessary documentation, including contracts and billing.
  • Our back-end infrastructure meets prime contractors’ administrative and information requirements for reporting.
  • All subcontractors are paid in a timely manner.

6. Consultant Care Program

  • Once a candidate is formally placed in the account, the Consultant Care Program begins, serving both administrative and client engagement management functions.
  • Program ensures our consultants are productive and meet all client expectations. Also ensures that our consultants’ career objectives are being met and they are happy with the work environment and the assignment.
  • Open channel of communication between our consultants, client management, and the P.K.W. Human Resources Department.
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