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Our Relationship Doesn’t End When the Project Does.
Because of the personal connections we create with our consultants, our relationships often extend long after the conclusion of the project. In fact, we establish and maintain long-term connections with many of P.K.W. Associates’ alumni—long after they’ve moved on to other career opportunities.

Sharing Your Great Experience with P.K.W. Can Really Pay Off.
If you had a wonderful experience working for P.K.W. Associates, please contact us if you know someone who may be interested in any of our existing job opportunities. Also, remember that you can participate in our recruitment bonus program with the successful placement of a candidate referred by you. Please call or email for specific details.

The same is true for customer or client referrals. If you provide us with a successful client lead, you may be eligible for our client referral bonus program. Please call or email for specific details.

Remember, if you are looking for a career change, advancement or new opportunity, please check the Jobs Listing section of our website often to see if there is something there for you to continue your career development journey. We post new listings weekly.

Feedback or Suggestions? We’re Listening.
As a P.K.W. Associates alumnus, we’re interested in you, where you are now, and your overall career path. If you have any suggestions for us as an organization as to how we can better serve our existing candidates or clients based on your personal experience—or if you would simply like to say hello—we’d enjoy hearing from you.

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